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Marseille: street scenes and buildings

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The cathedral of La Major Fort St Jean; The "Pierres Plates" The "Vieille Charité" Basin of carenage in winter Church St Lazare and gypsies in Raccatti The "Reserve" at the sea side Quarry of clay in St Henri Islands seen from La Corniche Little cabins in the Prophète Archways in the dock of the harbour Cove of the Fausse Monnaie Shortcut Nicolas in the Roucas Blanc The town hall of Marseilles The Corniche; Maldormé Borély park in autumn Small valley of Oriol Fort St Jean seen from the Pharo Top of the boulevard Vauban Path in the garden of the Pharo Stairs of Notre Dame de la Garde The opera of Marseille The Fausse Monnaie bridge Work at the Quai du Port Emile Duployé street Marseilleveyre seen from the Corniche The entry of the ports seen from the Corniche Borely Park (Castle Basin) Snow at Roucas Blanc Villa "Calvo" on the Corniche The Fausse Monnaie bridge The Cathedral La Major Villa of the U.S. Embassy Tide-gauge on the Corniche The Auffes small valley seen from Port Archways in the dock of the harbour View from the painter's balcony The Vallon de l'Oriol in 1950